Re: [nbos] [AS][FWE] Sol Planets FWE v1.7
"~~Richard K~~"
Mon Aug 25th, 2008
First off create Dummy planets in your Sol system, give them all the
attributes of the planets. Then create a dummy surface map for each planet.

Now you can replace the generated dummy surface map.
They will be in Astrosynthesis --> Planets and will have a multi-number-apha
name for each surface map, you will need to rename your eath.fwe, mars.fwe
to the new name eg: ({4A20BE92-830D-472A-B823-C6FD277F5A4C}.fwe

If you have a full planet folder with billions of surface maps, this will
become a little more difficult but saving a duplicate dummy surface map in
another sepeare folder (edit planet surface and save it in another folder to
strip off the name by copy/paste the filename.)

Hope that helps!

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> Ok, dumb bunny time here ;)
> Now that I've extracted the files, and moved the files to the "planets"
> folder, how do I make Astro-synthesis 2.0 latch onto those files for the
> planetary surface pics?
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