[nbos] [AS][FWE] Sol Planets FWE v1.7
"~~Richard K~~"
Mon Aug 25th, 2008
A collection of 5 planets in Fractal World Explorer 1.7 format. each 1440 x 720 surface maps

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto.

They are only bump mapped (earth has water) and users must adapt the percipitation and temperature levels to suit their campaigns.
Also if you hate the colors of the elevations, you can change that too using FWE.

Each are +/- 15mb but the whole zipped archive is 11MB.

If Ed feels like it he can upload these as single files to the NOX :)

In the meanwhile you may download the full Zip file here at SciRPG.com


~~Richard K~~

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