Re: [nbos]quick astrosynthesis/fractal mapper question
~~Richard K~~
Thu Nov 2nd, 2006
One way to do this...
in astro create a surface map... it will save the surface in your "Planets" folder in your astro directory.
This fwe file will have a weird name like: eg; {E9E34041-048C-40D9-A5EC-C2C6F42362F5}.fwe

So now with the name for your file generated, take the fwe you want, rename your fwe to replace it, by naming it exactly.
and copying over the generate fwe file.

Next time you run Astro, it will use your own map instead.
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From: Ronald Stepp
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 10:59 PM
Subject: [nbos]quick astrosynthesis/fractal mapper question


Just purchased both Astrosynthesis and Fractal Mapper and am having difficulties exporting a surface map from either fm explorer or astro2..

On the nbos website it gives a sample map supposedly from astro which is now in fractal mapper.. it looks very nice, has good detail on the coast, etc.. but everytime so far that I have exported with contours, I get a blobby looking very ill-defined cluster of land which looks NOTHING like my original map.. and I had even enlarged the original to the maximum number of X2 enlargements..

I am going to dig thru the help files some more but didn't see anything that really addressed this loss of detail.. plus the fact that I get several hundred separate layers with numbers but don't actually seem to have anything in them that pops up when I enable disable them.. my god what I wouldn't give for the ability to turn off ALL layers at once. heh heh

Thanks for any help and hope my questions were clear.

Ron Stepp


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