Re: [nbos] [AS] Multiple Star System Question
Sam Orton
Wed Jun 25th, 2008

T'Star <> wrote: I don't believe sso, no. I think it's a scale issue.

On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 8:48 PM, Fixer wrote:
> Hi! New user here [just purchased last week] and I have a Multi-star system question:
> Is there a way for AS to simultaniously show the planets orbiting all the suns in a multi-star system?
> Thanks!
If memory serves, it's not a matter of scale, it's a matter of the math. Calculating the orbital mechanics for a single star system basically assumes the star as immobile in the center of the display. If you try to display planetary and other bodies in a multiple system, the "immobile center" of the system is actually a dead zone between the two or more stellar gravity wells. The stars orbit that dead zone.
Fine and good, so far as it goes. But then when you calculate the orbital mechanics of a given star's child bodies, you have to take those other stellar gravity wells into account. Orbits will be dragged "off course" by the other stellar body. As I understand it, it increases the complexity of the orbital mechanics by *at least* an order of magnitude.

I remember this because I asked if there was a way to plot this last summer. I can't promise my answer is correct, but if it's wrong it's because I misunderstood the response I got at the time.

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