Re: [nbos] [AS] Neat!
Daniel Williamson
Mon Jun 23rd, 2008
It shows you the orbit of the planet or body in AU, astronomical units.

I like to know the orbit of planets in Astronomical Units (distance from earth to sun = 1AU). I used to try to convert them all using a calculator, its much easier to just have the program tell me.


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Cool... but what exactly does that do? I haven't used it in a while
myself and I am not sure I understand what you are setting with that..


Daniel Williamson wrote:
> Its been about a year since I last used AS and now I'm back at it.
> I just found the distance-au setting in the orbital bodies properties! I like this very much. It makes things much easier for me.
> Thanks!
> If you want to use it as well select an orbital body such as a planet and right click. Select properties and click on the System Data Fields tab. Right click in the table on the left side of the tab. Select Insert New. Enter a label such as Distance (AU). Click on the data item you just created. On the right side of the tab the display properties will be filled in. Under data source select distance-au. Click OK.
> This can be done for all planets and such in your sector by editing the Sector Properties to add this for each sort of body.
> Anyone know how can I make all of my have these settings as the default?
> Dan Williamson
> Baltimore

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