[nbos] [AS]More Scripting Questions
Sun May 18th, 2008
I'm trying to get my system updater script (which is on NOX) to run faster
for a large number of selected systems, but I can't seem to get it to run
faster. I know that when I run the plugin on one system it runs fast enough,
but when I run it on multiple systems it gets slower and slower with each
one processed. Would anybody know what causes something like this and how I
might fix it? The CPU usage is fairly consistent around 80%/65%, so it isn't
a lack of processing power. Paging doesn't seem out of the ordinary either.
A general description of the plugin code is that it calls AS2 system
generator for each planet, traverses over all of the bodies in the new
system, does some calculations, and then goes to the next selected system.
If the system already has had planets generated for it the first step is
skipped. If I select systems that have already been generated it gets a
little faster, as expected, but it will still slow down a little more after
each system is processed.

My second question is about the System Data area on the left side of the
window which shows a tree for each of the selected systems. Is there a way
to refresh this area inside of a plugin?



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