RE: [nbos] [Inspiration Pad] Copyright Questions
Exile In Paradise
Wed Nov 1st, 2006
On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 09:05 -0800, Dutton, Dennis L wrote:
> When / If this becomes necessary, I will quit
> contributing any such material to the effected
> forum / list / etc. I roleplay (and contribute
> to the roleplaying community) for the enjoyment
> and the stress relief that it provides. When this
> sort of stress is necessary to contribute, it is
> not worth it.

Perhaps you misunderstood my point.
That's okay, your reply was enough to see where
you stand, so thanks for that!

> Keep in mind that a copyright is a protection
> of the "expression" of an idea, not of the idea
> itself. (and no I don't care to argue that point
> with lawyers and self-styled lawyers)

This is correct, and one definition of "expression"
is the creation of the table file... which prompts
my original question.

The way I interpret your response is this:
I contribute material that is automatically
copyrighted to me.

That was option #4 of my original post.

Since automatic copyright is the default "state"
of a work, then nothing changes for you, and you
need make no additional effort. The burden of
identifying your work (or any work incorporating
your work, even if illegally) and avoiding it now
falls to potential end users or authors.

If others feel differently about the scope of their
contribution to the roleplaying community, then
hopefully my post will encourage them to add a single
line header to their tables explaining the limits of
their contribution more clearly.

Thanks again for replying. It will help clarify
the ambiguity for the other folks I was talking
to about Inspiration Pad.
Exile In Paradise
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