[nbos] [FM][AS] A look at the new CSUAC symbols/fulls
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Apr 27th, 2008
Over the weekend, I downloaded the new CSUAC symbol set for Dundjinni from Cecil Solomon's website:


I then also set up a working FM8 folder structure and copied the PNGs into the FM8 folders. The fills and symbols all work just fine under FM8.

The variety and number of symbols has grown impressively, as Cecil reported here. The new CSUAC symbols may be of particular interest to AS users, because there is a large assortment of new symbols in the current CSUAC release that are in the category "modern," which will be useful to gamers in the sci-fi zone.

In short, FM8 users really have something to look forward to in the new CSUAC collection. With these thousands of symbols and tools, FM8 becomes 100 times as powerful a mapping program as it is in the basic FM8 delivery package.

Hats off and heartfelt thanks to the Dundjinni users who made this great collection!

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