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Cecil Solomon
Sat Apr 26th, 2008

I'll volunteer my site for collecting the symbols, but I'll have to activate the capability for the forums. It's where the symbol archives are going to be anyway. (Ed, this would be with your approval).

OK, as I understand it, you are requesting what I would consider "campaign" and "regional" textures. Not a problem.

How large should the textures be? Does FM8 have the capability to erase portions of the material? Can the textures be .jpgs, or do they have to be .pngs? In short, can you give me a crash course on the "ground" textures? I understand that cities/mountains/etc. probably work better as overlays (ie, pngs). If you don't have the ability to erase these textures (fills?), then we'll need to have them in usable shapes.

You can find my site at Please be patient, it's been up all of about three weeks now and I haven't played with Joomla all that much before (Joomla is the website development system--content management system-- I'm using)

Christopher Rodrigues Macias <> wrote:
Hmm. I hadn't really thought about it before, but I *do* have a symbols wish

The existing 'outdoor' mapping symbol sets consist almost entirely of
drawings of objects as seen from eye level (e.g. trees) or from about a
forty-five degree angle looking down (e.g. towns). (There are probably
technical terms for these perspectives, but I can't recall what they are.)

I would like to see a good set of outdoor mapping symbols with a 'directly
overhead' perspective. For example, instead of showing trees from the side,
have green sort-of-cloud-like shapes that are green which can be used to
demarcate an area as 'forest'. Or instead of little pictures of clusters of
medieval buildings, you could have either a scattering of black squares to
indicate a town (as seen on modern terrain maps) or have abstract symbols to
represent the various sizes of habitation (e.g. a black dot is a village, a
black dot with a black circle around it is a small city, etc.).

And for large scale maps, it would be great to have a larger selection of
fills to indicate different terrain types. Most of the fills available are
intended for 'tactical scale' maps rather than 'continent scale' maps. I'd
like to see both abstract and realistic fill patterns that represent forest,
jungle, swamp, desert, ocean, etc., so that I can draw a large irregular
shape and just fill it with the appropriate pattern.

I think these symbol sets would be more broadly useful to people as well. It
is difficult to do modern or SF maps in FM8 because the symbol sets lean so
heavily toward fantasy. Overhead perspective can be used on fantasy maps,
but are also well suited to creating maps for many non-fantasy settings.

However, I think that rather than pestering Ed for this, I'd like to see if
we can help meet our own needs. The CC3 people created a huge legacy of
symbols. Why can't we?

Ed, if you've read this far, here is the symbol-related feature(s) I'd most
like to see:

Some kind of extra support for creating submitting sets of symbols, and for
submitting them to an on-line library, hosted on NOX. If you can provide
some decent guidance for beginners on symbol creation (raster and vector)
and a simple way for people to post their creations for the community to
peruse and download them into FM, then you'll be helping us to help
ourselves. If it works, the additional community-created symbol sets will
enhance the perceived value of the product for future purchases. Or so I
would argue.


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I would like to see a selection of textures so I can create deck plans for
ships: Naval, space and air.
Things I'd like to see:
Grates, steel and wood
diamond plate, various sizes
"3-d" pipes, tubes and conduit
I-beams with circular cut-outs
Concrete and asphalt, to make roads and sidewalks and building interiors.
carpet and tiles that I can choose the colors
3-d stairs, standard, ladders and spiral.

I would like to put a 1-plank wide boarder around a plank fill, and, around
a window.

And, yes, as long as I'm wishing:
several generic grebbeling patterns.

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