Re: [nbos] Textures and symbols
Cecil Solomon
Fri Apr 25th, 2008
I'm currently updating the CSUAC files. So far I've added about 2500 symbols. You will find a lot of these sort of textures in those files.

I've also been speaking to Ed about configuring the files specifically for FM8, but I could use some help in understanding how to best organize the files for your use (ie, how does FM8 treat the ground tiles--should they be one large texture or several smaller ones?).

If anyone wants to volunteer to help me understand how to sort these out, I would appreciate it. (It will be about a month before the first new material is ready to go for FM8.)

Joe Mays <> wrote:
> And, yes, as long as I'm wishing:
> several generic grebbeling patterns.

Grebbeling ... isn't that illegal in some states?
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