[nbos] [AS] Newbie here
Chris Brinkley
Sun Apr 13th, 2008
Working with the demo version of AS, so bear with me. :)

I run atabletop Star Wars RPG and have found some very cool maps out there.The Essential Star Wars Atlas is due out in June and should havecoordinates for everything but failing that, I may still be able to getmy hands on the coordinate data already used by some very talentedmappers.

How easy is it to import XML data and have systems andplanetary bodies created from that data? I'm only so-so with XML, thusmy plan is to get the data in Excel, map to the XMl schema AS needs,export, import, voila. I see that there is a Star Wars galaxy map byKevin DGrimm available at the NBos site, but as much as I like what Isee there I just think it would be easier for my needs to collect thedata and en masse push it to AS.

Ahh, one more thing. Could Iuse the trade lanes feature, or another feature I'm unaware of, to mapout the common/rare/etc hyperlanes of the SW universe?


PS: Here's the map whose creator I'm contacting about coordinate data, and here's a bunch of other excellent resources for SW maps from the Wook.

Thanks for lending me your brain cells! :D

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