Re: [nbos] [FM8] FM8 Wish List
Chris Csernica
Sat Mar 29th, 2008
Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:
> Hi Chris, Heather,
>> This is absolutely incorrect. Geology is geology.
> I know what you're saying, but (although he could have been less abrupt in
> his phrasing) I think David's basic point is valid. Geology is geology, but
> fantasy is... unrealistic. In everything.
> You're into geology, so you pick up on that. But someone who's studied
> economics, or medieval society, or genetics, or physics, or linguistics, or
> sociology, or you-name-it at a university level, is going to be aware that
> the typical fantasy world takes liberties with all kinds of basic (*very*
> basic) tenets of these fields. The deeper your knowledge of the area, the
> more glaring the 'errors' seem.

This is true to a degree. To construct every aspect of an imaginary
world in such a way that every detail is accurate is probably impossible
for any one person, and for most fantasy isn't worth the effort
required, to be honest.

That doesn't absolve the author (whether a story or an RPG campaign) of
doing the best job he can and making it as right as he knows how. "The
less accurate the better" is entirely the wrong place to begin. That the
market seems to say otherwise may explain why I've given up on recent

We already have enough tools in FM8 to make all the geological mistakes
we could possibly want. I'm no geologist myself (I have no idea why you
think I am) and I have no idea whether my mountain ranges, etc. are
plausible. I would hope they're close. I did the best I could while
still meeting the requirements for the setting. But when you get down to
the level of "I want a fault line here; make it look like one" -- that's
pointless unless you know what you're doing. If you want a particular
feature in a certain place, put it there. More than that is needless
elaboration. I'd rather development effort to be spent on more useful

-- CC

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