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David Tait
Sat Mar 29th, 2008

> > And of course, as always I can't miss the opportunity to bug your ear that> > what I need most - is an upgrade to the features of FWE! We desperately (I> > can't stress strongly enough my desire...) need extra functionality such as> > glaciations, volcanism, seismic events... even the odd meteoric impact!> > Ok Geology is my field. I would like to add a caution. To actually> get accurate glaciations, tectonic activity (including volcanism> seismic events, uplift, subsidence, and the general folding, spindling> and mutilating of the crust), as well as various other erosion> factors takes a HUGE amount of computing power. My father is> currently working on a geological model that, if they're lucky, will> 'only' take six months to run. This is relatively typical for> accurate detailed models (not to mention the painful graphics> requirements needed to DISPLAY that much detail effectively but hey.)> Close approximations to appearance? I don't know....

So here's the thing! This whole thing is for mapping 'fantasy' worlds... there is no way in heck that I want or even need that kind of 'accurate' detail! I would just like a little subroutine (algorithm?) that would say, take the polar cap (which is already there) and say make 1d4 (or maybe 1d6) glacial fingers & push 'em south in a generally curvy direction 'gouging out the landscape' as it goes.... nothing horribly fancy! And push another button and voila... a hole would blow in a random location somewhere on the planet surface and then spew out stuff in a conic formation for x '000s of feet high. Again, nothing horribly fancy... I don't give a rat's *** for super accuracy... in fact, this being a fantasy setting (supposedly) - the less accurate, the better... only so long as it is reasonably plausible. As for seismic activity, take 2 random points on the map... draw a fractal line at say a factor of 4 or 5? 50% left or right raises the land say randomly up to 200 ft and the other side would either stay stable, or lower a proportionate amount randomly say to 25% of the other sides raise?

Sometimes the geologists here get too hung up on earth-normal accuracy whereas on any other given planet in this or any other galaxy have way too many factors mutating the 'normal' benchmark. I (and I suspect most other users here trying to generate a 'random' planetscape' for their fantasy arena would be more than happy with something simple, yet not necessarily 'accurate' that would take months for the simple PC to render as opposed to nothing?

Anyways, it was only meant to generate food for thought - not a university level dissertation on planetary geology.

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