Re: [nbos] Fwd:[FM8] FM8 Wish List
Sat Mar 29th, 2008
> And of course, as always I can't miss the opportunity to bug your ear that
> what I need most - is an upgrade to the features of FWE! We desperately (I
> can't stress strongly enough my desire...) need extra functionality such as
> glaciation, vulcanizm, seismic events... even the odd meteoric impact!

Ok Geology is my field. I would like to add a caution. To actually
get accurate glaciation, tectonic activity (including vulcanism
seismic events, uplift, subsidence, and the general folding, spindling
and mutilating of the crust), as well as various other erosional
factors takes a HUGE amount of computing power. My father is
currently working on a geological model that, if they're lucky, will
'only' take six months to run. This is relatively typical for
accurate detailed models (not to mention the painful graphics
requirements needed to DISPLAY that much detail effectively but hey.)
Close approximations to appearance? I don't know. I've been trying
to look into getting more accurate, geologically, fractal programs,
but something keeps coming up such that the programmers and the
geologist don't run into each other. ;) It largely depends on how
much 'randomness' we want to allow into the system. MY complaint was
that no fractal mapping program on market actually accurately depicts
mountain range locations. (There tend to be at least as many coastal
mountain ranges as continental... continental mountain ranges are the
result of continent on continent collisions. In a world with more
oceanic crust, the continent/ocean and ocean/ocean collisions would be
more numerous, in general.)

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