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"Mark Oliva"
Fri Mar 28th, 2008
> From: "Jose LaCario"

I'm a new Fractal Mapper user (actually a convert from the Profantasy stuff - CC3, etc - it was just too much program for my needs) and a new member of the list.

Like Jose, we switched our whole operation (including commercial products) over from CC3 to FM8. It was a good move. We're interested in making maps for RPGs, not becoming cartographers for the sake of cartography. For pure RPG mapping, I consider FM8 to be the better program.

You know what would be nice, at least as an option? If I select a symbol, it should show as I move my cursor around my map. That way I could place it more precisely, especially in relation to other symbols.

Jose hits a good nail on the head here. His request would be one of the top two items on my FM8 wish list. The fact that the mouse pointer carries no visualization of the symbol being placed requires one to make two steps to do what should be one. One always has to click the approximate location, placing the symbol and making it visible, and then reposition the symbol at its precise location. This is one of few places where I find CC3 to be a nose ahead of FM8.

The mouse wheel could be used to increase/decrease the size of the symbol before its placed.

This would be nice too, but it wouldn't be a priority with me. The Ctrl/Q operation is adequate for me.

The second (and actually top) item on my wish list is more complicated, but it would be superb to have one day. It would, to a certain extent, emulate the connecting symbols feature of CC3 but work in a different manner. With CC2 Pro, ProFantasy introduced a system where one could define a collection of vector symbols with straight lines and curves of varying angles and then define them as connecting symbols. One then could do an extended symbol placement with CC2 Pro always automatically picking the right symbol, depending upon direction of mouse movement. This ability was added for raster symbols in CC3, but the result is less satisfactory with raster symbols.

I'd like FM8 one day to be able to produce the intended result of CC3 connecting raster symbols but with a different system than the connecting symbols used by ProFantasy. (These are difficult to create and they do not always produce the results that one is seeking.) I'd like to see the abilities of FM8's fractal polyline enhanced to be able to turn the angle of a fill pattern corresponding to the direction of mouse movement.

With that abilitity, I could develop a fill for a road or a river, load that fill, choose fractal polyline and then have the lines of the background PNG turn with the direction of mouse movement. Thus, when making a cobblstone road with a fill and as a fractal polyline, for example, the lines of the cobblestone would change with every change of direction by the mouse.

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