[nbos] Placing Symbols
"Jose LaCario"
Thu Mar 27th, 2008
Hi. I'm a new Fractal Mapper user (actually a convert from the Profantasy
stuff - CC3, etc - it was just too much program for my needs) and a new
member of the list.

You know what would be nice, at least as an option? If I select a symbol,
it should show as I move my cursor around my map. That way I could place it
more precisely, especially in relation to other symbols. The mouse wheel
could be used to increase/decrease the size of the symbol before its placed.
Of course, dragging a selection to place it at a certain size would still
work too. With just a crosshair, I constantly seem to drop my symbol in the
wrong spot (especially when placing trees and mountains). Is there a way
to do this currently or a possible future feature?


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