Re: [nbos] New Dundjinni Patch and EULA etc.
"Mark Oliva"
Sat Mar 22nd, 2008
> From: Bil White <>

I think that this Dundjinni commercial is misleading, to say the least.

I know it's the competition but Dunjinni is having a 30% discount on all
artwork for the next week.

But keep in mind that the EULA allows you to use the artwork ONLY with
Dundjinni, not with FM8 or AS. This is specifically prohibited. In other
words, if you switch from FM8 to Dundjinni, the 30% discount is of use. If
not, forget it.

They also did a 180 on the EULA (End-User Licensing Agreement) pretty much
opening the door to anyone using DJ created maps AND their artwork. See the
details at

This was an important point to me because we have documentation that
explains to complaining users of our material why we chose FM8 as the
official mapping program for Dungeons Daring (TM) and the Vintyri (TM) world
and why we consider Dundjinni and CC3 to be unacceptable. If a 180-degree
turn on the EULA had been done, it might have been necessary for us to
change the text of that message.

The comments I'm about to make have no effect upon people who use FM8,
Dundjinni or CC3 solely to make maps for their own campaigns. But if you
have plans for distributing your work free per Internet, selling it or
passing it on to other parties in whatever manner, be careful!

After reading the quoted posting, I downloaded the current Dundjinni EULA
and E-Mailed it to our attorney. His comment, translated from German into

"It appears that some of the restriction on using Dundjinni art in
distributed products has been lightened, but the overall restrictions on
distribution of material still would make it very unwise to publicly
distribute any material made with Dundjinni without a separate, specific
agreement. Portions of this license are so legally vague that any usage of
these sections could be subject to litigation."

CC3 is an entirely different matter. If you make CC3 maps and want to
distribute them as converted JPGs, PNGs, etc., there's no problem with that.
However, if you want to distribute the maps in their native format so that
your users who have CC3 can modify and customize them, you have a serious
problem. If your user has only CC3 and you use symbols from ProFantasy
products such as Symbols Sets 1 and 2, Dungeon Designer 3, the annuals by
Ralf Schemmann, etc., those symbols will vanish from the maps on your user's
machine. Only an X will appear where the symbols should be.

To help resolve this problem, ProFantasy recently made encrypted versions of
some of these symbols available. If your user has CC3 and has installed the
encrypted symbols, he or she can see them in your maps but not use them in
his or her own maps. However, ProFantasy prohibits you from distributing
the encrypted symbols with your maps. Instead, you have to send your users
to PF's web site where they have to download the encrypted symbols

So, before you snap your teeth at the Dundjinni commercial quoted above or
other mapping program advertising (including a new mapper that WotC
apparently will offer per Gleemax or DDI), consider carefully what you want
to do now with your maps and what you might want to do with them in the
future. Then have your attorney tell you whether these rather tricky
licenses let you do what you want to do.

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