Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager
"Dalton Calford"
Mon Mar 17th, 2008
Hey Ed,

Ever thought of separating the interface from the work code?
What I mean is that you encapsulate most of your work into a series of
api calls. All interface calls would be mapped to the api with the api
providing pointers back to the structure that the interface would read
to display the change.
This would be easiest to do with AS2 and Screenmonkey. FM would be the
most work, but since you have just updated it, noone is looking for
another upgrade for awhile.
The customers who are on the windows environment would not have any
difference as the windows version would still be able to work with FM,
but, now Mac and Linux users would be able to use your code natively,
and can wait until you produce a FM port.
The QT libraries are cross platform already, to replace your existing
interface widgets.
If you prefer a language different from C, then you can use the lazarus
RAD environment which is a Delphi clone using the QT or GT interface and
it compiles standalone executables for many different platforms.
If you want to go with a purely Web2.0 (Ajax) interface, you can use
morfik, which is a RAD environment that separates the programer from the
final code - you choose the high level language you are comfortable with
(C#,Java,Basic,Pascal etc) and when you compile, it converts your code
into a standalone executable that will either act as a standalone web
server or a IIS/Apatche module that can connect to a database and
generates all the AJAX/Javascript code.
We had one developer who wrote a complete dynamic SVG interface without
understanding CSS/HTML or Javascript.

Morfik is a little expensive ($1000 US) but that is a developer license
with unlimited deployment.

best regards


On Mon, 2008-03-17 at 02:33 -0400, NBOS Support wrote:
> >Now, if you use AIR or some other program to make it basically webbased
> >(ie, cross platform), I will be able to make all my friends buy it and you
> >will be a happy camper.
> The problem with using something like Air is that one of the main purposes
> of the app is to integrate with the rest of the products in the family -
> specifically FM and AS. To do that the app has to be able to access the FM
> and AS engines, which at this point are still native Windows apps. The
> only 'engine' in the product family right now that is cross-platform by
> design is IPad, which is how I was able to make the Windows Mobile and
> Linux builds.
> Ed
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