Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager & IPad
Daniel Williamson
Sun Mar 16th, 2008
I actually like the Keep a lot as it is.

I would like the ability to manage multiple campaigns with it and backup the data. Right now I'm very nervous about using the Keep because it occasionally acts like its lost a sheet of data. So far I've been able to recover everything.

Ability to generate printouts.

I would like better integration with Inspiration Pad. Its very frustrating not to be able to roll up something - say an orc host or gang of Battlelords of the 23rd century rebels and not save the results to a Keep page.

Icons to represent the contents of a page better. City, dungeon, character, etc.

Hyperlinking between pages.

Easy integration with AS.

Integration with Profantasy's mapping program - sorry, they hooked me first way back in the early 1990s. I guess with the Keep I can bring in PNGs now.

And because I keep asking my Business Development guys for this information, I'd pay $50 for a full featured campaign manager. I'd pay $25 for add ons with game specific functionality each. But I only play Battlelords of the 23rd Century and D&D 3.5 at the moment and I don't really have any plans to expand.

And speaking of Inspiration Pad, the ability to adjust die rolls or text based on the results of other die rolls would be nice. For example, I made a Battlelords of the 23rd Century (SSDC, very fun game, BTW) rebel generator. I would really like to be able to adjust the to hit numbers and hit points of the characters based on their stats. E.g. If Constitution is 61-65 +1 hit point. If Manual Dexterity is 81-90 +2 to hit with ranged weapons. I guess I see the entry looking like {12+[-at-ManualDexterityBonus{ManualDexterity}]. I don't remember how you reference variables off the top of my head. But I would have a table called ManualDexterityBonus that would list all of the bonuses and the die roll which would be referenced by the passed in variable. Does that make sense? Right now I have to generate the bad guys, bring them into a word processor, print them out and run through each bad guy and manually adjust the values. Which means I need to make
more than I need because I can't make them on the fly.

Oh, another IP feature came to mind, the ability to 'buy' random items from a table. Say I generate a character with 200gp, I want to be able to equip him. Each entry in a table would have a corresponding GP cost, which would deduct from the total until all of the GP is used up.

Also, the ability to roll randomly on a table up to a certain value. The table has 100 entries, but for this use I only want to roll randomly among the first 20.



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Subject: [nbos] Campaign Manager

Hi All,

Some of you old timers on the list may remember the prototype of a campaign
manager I released a few years ago called "The Keep". Basically it kept
track of game notes, fractal mapper maps, character sheets, etc, all in a
hierarchical structure. It also had a built in dice roller, was integrated
with inspiration pad pro, and could import/export so you could share content.

hypothetically ;-) ... lets say I was in the midst of rebuilding that into
an actual product.

If you were looking for such an application, what sort of functionality
would you need?


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