Re: [nbos] Astro-sythesis Plugins
Shain Edge
Sun Mar 16th, 2008
Please forgive me of my ignorance. Nothing in the directions actually shows on
how I would connect a program or script to the API.

Is it only for a certain programming language type? Can I use a scripting
language like Perl, which I am far more able to get around in then anything
else? Is there a way that I can pass values though the standard i/o interface?

Is there a forum or site that shows information of plug-ins, and/r the cource
code for them?

Thank you for your time,

--- NBOS Support <> wrote:

> Hi Shain,
> At 12:47 PM 3/15/2008, you wrote:
> >I would like to add to, or change, the way systems are created. How do I
> use
> >the Plugin API for Astro-Synthesis?
> >
> >Can I use a Perl script? What sort of input/output is available to
> connect the
> >programs.
> The api uses VBScript. You can get the docs for that from Microsoft's site.
> The api is here:
> There's a downloadable version here:
> Ed

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