Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager
~~Richard K~~
Sat Mar 15th, 2008

> WAY back - we're talking MS-DOS era - I made a program called PC-GP
> (player
> character gold pieces) which actually did that. Every 'stat' was a
> seperate item. So you had basically lists of stats and corresponding
> values. While that could be tedious... it did allow for cool things like
> transfering X amount of gp's between characters because the program could
> just transfer the value from character's 'GP' stat to the other's.
> Ed

I still have PC-GP. lol (but it doesnt work too well on XP)
I like the idea of a functional character sheet designer. I thought the
original Keep character sheets were ok (basic form) but needed a program
like Frontpage/Word, or HTML form script knowlege to recreate sheets, so the
designer gismo sounds great!

Are you going to have the sheet objects callable for scripts? (reminding me
of the old GRiP program)

What would be great, as a hook into SM, is to be able to do everything that
you can do over the table at a typical tabletop session:
give/recieve notes, swapping sheets back and forth, send separate map
information (in case the party splits up).eg: have it come up on the players
side as a popup through their browser.

But having the savable adventure files, I think that would really cook, it
would be fun for us GM's, who created our own adventures and home brew game
systems, to share content with others over NOX.

~~Richard K~~

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