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Sat Mar 15th, 2008
>After reading all the comments this posting has drawn, I see yet another
>dream in the making of the invention of what we here in Bavaria call the
>egg-laying wooly milk pig (eierlegende Wollmilchsau).

LOL :-)
I prefer to make reference to the car Homer Simpson designed, but the
principle is the same :-)

But that is something I knew going into it I'd have to be careful to
avoid. The program's not going to be able to deliver everything to every
gamer, but hopefully it will deliver enough of the right funtionality to
help people with their games.

>1. What rules system(s) would this wonder support?* (If it's going to keep
>"track ... of character sheets" that questions becomes both unavoidable and

There's actually two programs planned for the package. The other one is a
character sheet designer. It'd allow you to create character sheets with
about the same functionality as, say, a PDF character sheet would have
(with perhaps some javascript tacked on). Those sheets will then be used
by the campaign manager for character tracking (or starship tracking, or
whatever you need a form for).

>2. Is this for sci-fi RPGs and people who use AS, or for fantasy RPGs and
>those of us apparently in the list's minority who use FM8, or for both of us?

Both, or neither. Its a stand alone app, so you dont need FM or AS to use
it. But if you do have them, they can be used with it. For example, you
can create a new map from within the campaign manager (either blank or
using one of the templates you have installed). You can then edit the map
with FM8, and when you save it, the map's notes are updated within the
campaign manager to make them available for searching. So if you search
for a city on the map within the manager, you can find the map that
contains it - and view the map within the campaign manager (and pan around,
zoom in/out). Also when you want a document style print-out, the map will
be printed inline with the rest of your document. Thats already all working.

> To make a positive contribution to the process, or to
>even know whether I would be in its target user base, I really need to know
>more about its parameters.

I'll have more info as things progress. I purposely didnt provide a lot of
specific features because I wanted to mine the brains of everyone here to
see what they thought when the genearal idea of was presented.


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