Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager
Fri Mar 14th, 2008
The campeign manager I currently use is called DMGenie. It's nice in
that it lets you set all the conditions etc. and does the majority of
the math for you. It also make organization of feats simpler.
Conversely it doesn't have a great deal of flexibility even from some
of the D&D variants. Possibly a simpler set up in how the sheets are
run, one that allows easy reference and data entry. It doesn't handle
Variants like Epic and Gestalt well at all.

Features I'd like to see:
A ready way to access feat and ability descriptions for quick
reference. Even if it means manual data entry on my part. ;
A way to STORE feats and abilities from one character sheet and use
them on another.
Flexibility for different systems and variations within a single
system as well. (even if It means more data entry)
Ways to export the data and share with other users on the same system
(Like my players.)

Features that would be shiney and spiffy, but not necissary:
Something that would do at least portions of the math for me,
preferable automatically. Something as simple as Screen Monkey's
basic mathematical capabilities is useful, but a way to track all the
crazy different bonuses that can dome up would be a major plus, but
can also be done manually so isn't as essentail as the ability to find
the references.

~Heather Underwood
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