Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager
Shade Tree
Fri Mar 14th, 2008

Fully customizable calander, name the months, name the days, specify how many of each, etc. be able to make calendar entries like holidays and important events.

Support for dual monitor setup so I can use it as a tool at my tabletop.

Astrosynthesis support
- load up an AS save file and pick a system/planet and display details
- list other systems within x light years
- incorporating the solar system view would be a plus
- pulling in the planets texture as a map would be a plus

Display maps that allow editable notes and 'pins'

Character tracker
NPC tracker
dice roller
all the basics

What I'd really love to see is a modular system where I can load in what plugins I need. Similar to the MMC console in Windows. I need a dice roller? Pull it into the program. Need to display maps? add that plugin. Once the console is done then plugins could be developed seperately and put out quicker than revamping the whole program to add functionality.

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> Subject: [nbos] Campaign Manager
> Hi All,
> Some of you old timers on the list may remember the prototype of a campaign
> manager I released a few years ago called "The Keep". Basically it kept
> track of game notes, fractal mapper maps, character sheets, etc, all in a
> hierarchical structure. It also had a built in dice roller, was integrated
> with inspiration pad pro, and could import/export so you could share content.
> hypothetically ;-) ... lets say I was in the midst of rebuilding that into
> an actual product.
> If you were looking for such an application, what sort of functionality
> would you need?
> Ed
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