Re: [nbos] Looking for more mapping symbols...
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Feb 25th, 2008
Mark Oliva posted info on how to do this - at least for the .png symbol
versions used in CC3. It is basically a simple matter of copying the
.png (VH format) symbols from CC3 into the a suitably named folder:
(C:\Program Files\NBOS\Mapper8\MapArt\Battlemap\CC3 is where I put my
CC3 symbols. I believe they then become available on the FM8 Mapping
Symbols tool.

I'm not sure I can remember if it's possible to use the other CC3
symbols but I have a feeling it is. Mark can probably confirm or deny.

A far simpler way is, with FM8 installed, uninstall CC3 and then
re-install it. At least I think that was the right way round :-(

If that is right, the symbols automatically install themselves.

Mark: Help! - are you there?



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On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 02:11:54AM -0800, Travis Oates wrote:
> Other than the extra symbol pack that Nbos has put out, are there any
> other sources for new overland map symbols? I've heard that you can
> use some of the symbols from CC3, but I'm not completely sure how to
> go about doing that.

Yes, more than three months after the fact (I've been busy since the
middle of October), at one point I looked into a way to programmaticly
convert CC* symbols to FM symbols. I was never able to find good
documentation on their symbol file formats, though. :/

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