Re: [nbos] Stellar Radius - Mass - Luminosity Parameters.
"Dalton Calford"
Fri Feb 22nd, 2008
Hi Dan,

I have over 2000 such systems and they are listed alphabetically, thus
you see the pattern as I only grabed the first few items.

If the spectral class was in the format G2V (I have all the formats from
O to M with all the decimal classifications) then I would have the data.

What I would need help with is for those stars that don't fit into the
standard O,B,A,F,G,K,M size and decimal classes.

Some of those are dwarf stars (white and brown) or they are some sort of
class that is not detailed properly (or just typed wrong).

For those that are just typed wrong or the data is strange, all it is
going to take is a human to read the data, go to a site such as celestia
and get confirmation as to what the star should be.

On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 03:58 -0800, Daniel Williamson wrote:
> Dalton,
> You may be running into difficulty because many of the spectral classes you listed:
> A0Ia
> comp
> A0Ia(p)
> A0Ia0
> A0Ia:
> A0Iab
> A0Iab-Ib
> A0Iae
> A0MNp...
> A0V
> +
> A2V
> Are giants e.g. "1a." The other problem I've found is that usually real world data is generated by people who prefer to hedge their bets rather than make a judgment call. Which is why you get things like "A0Iab." The real world is not digital, nor neatly categorized. I certainly hope you can accomplish what you set out to do without getting too frustrated.
> Last time I did an exercise like this, I used the mass, radius, luminosity numbers from the 2300AD game. Would those help?
> Dan.
> Baltimore
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