Re: [nbos] Stellar Radius - Mass - Luminosity Parameters.
"Dalton Calford"
Thu Feb 21st, 2008
Thanks everyone who replied.

I have a series of values already, as long as the star is within a
particular format, unfortunately, not all of the stars listed fit that

I was thinking about posting the values I have to the wiki, along with
the star data so that we can get some of us working on it together.

What does everyone think of this idea?

I am hoping to have a detailed csv created that includes all the stars
within 10000 ly detailing multiples and other such data.

The original lists posted up at nox are a bit out of date and are
missing a great deal of the new stars found within that radius.

For example the nox 10000ly+ file lists 87,000 stars, while the new data
has over 120,000 stars in that same volume of space.

I have about 2,300 stars that need reviewing to properly gauge what they

As the data holds all the catalog numbers etc, it would require someone
to look up the particular star, ensure we have the right data for it and
update the wiki for that one entry.

here is a sample of stars that don't match up with known values

A0Ia comp
A0V + A2V

Now, we may find that some are actually two stars or that it is a
standard star which I don't have the proper values for.
It could also be as simple as a typo in the starlist.

I still need the formula's but I would like to get feedback as to
whether people are willing to help and if the nbos wiki is the best
place to perform the work.

best regards


On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 09:31 +1100, Justin Akkerman wrote:
> From: "Dalton Calford" <>
> Subject: [nbos] Determining Stellar Values
> But I need a formula for the Mass and Radius of the Star,
> given the
> above data.
> Does anyone know how to get this information (expressed as an
> excel
> formula if possible)
> I will look thses values up in my University Astrophysics text
> tonight. If I recall, the formulas relating radius mass and luminosity
> will only be working if it is main sequence. For example when a star
> goes red giant, it does not gain any mass but its radius puffs up
> greatly.
> Can I post excel files to this forum?
> If not I will make sure that they are excel friendly.
> Justin.
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