Re: [nbos] FM8 under linux with wine Questions
"Göran Uddeborg"
Sun Feb 17th, 2008
Doug Jessee writes:
> I am curious, if you get this running, would you write up a little review of
> how FM8 works under Wine?

"You" in the above message was NBOS support, not me. But I'm picking
up this old thread since I've tried to run FM8 under Linux and thought
I'd share my results.

Summary: after some tweaks, it works very well! :-)

You have to add an MFC dll, windows scripting dll:s, and a gdiplus
dll. There is a built-in gdiplus dll in current wine, but it is
apparently not complete enough.

You also have to do some hacks in the font registry. I don't
understand the reasons for this, but I have experimented and found a
way that works.

To my delight, the problems with pattern fills that affected FM7 seems
to be gone in FM8! :-) It's not because of changes in Wine, FM7 still
fails filling patterns with current Wine. But something must have
been changed in FM8 so the problem isn't triggered any more. Anyway,
it works and I'm happy!

I've posted an entry in the Wine HQ application database, including an
HOWTO with details of what I did to make it work. I believe the URL
below will take you directly to the entry
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