Re: [nbos] [AS] Can I make AS generate systems less dense?
"Steven R. Hoag"
Fri Jan 11th, 2008
Thank you so much Shade Tree. That worked great. Just what the doctor
ordered. :-)


Open notepad

copy and paste this in

#plugin Movem
#author Shadetree
#desc Iterates through all children of a system and expand them

'Change this to desired multiplier
Multiplier = 2.5

Sector = GetCurrentSector()
sector.sizex = sector.sizex * multiplier
sector.sizey = sector.sizey * multiplier
sector.sizez = sector.sizez * multiplier
sector.gridx = sector.gridx * multiplier
sector.gridy = sector.gridy * multiplier
sector.gridz = sector.gridz * multiplier

SystemCount = Sector.SystemCount()
For I = 1 to SystemCount
System = Sector.GetSystem(i-1)
system.x = system.x * multiplier
system.y = system.y * multiplier
system.z = system.z * multiplier

Save it as movem.astroscript in the plugin directory of your AS install

then run the 'movem' plugin from AS
This will 'blow' up your sector by whatever the multiplier is(currently 2.5)
this means a 10x10x10 sector will turn into a 25x25x25 sector.

this should work with both cube and spherical sectors.

So, you could make a smaller sector half the size of what you want and set
to low density and then change the multiplier to 2 in the script to double
it's size.

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