Re: [nbos] [AS] Creating Systems with known bodies
"Mike Oliver"
Fri Jan 11th, 2008
You can populate a star system with components of your own design using
the System Data panel on the left of the screen. First, start up AS2
with no sector present. Select Actions>>New System and complete the
details called for in the dialog box to your preferences. Leave both
check boxes unchecked and click <OK>. The System Data panel will now
contain the star or system you generated.

Right click on the star name and a menu will pop up allowing you to add
"children" to the system, giving you options as to what these children
will be - planets, other stars, space stations, etc. An "Edit
Properties" window opens and you can complete the data schedules to your

Don't forget to save when you've done everything.


Mike <>

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Subject: [nbos] [AS] Creating Systems with known bodies

does anyone have any suggestions on generating a system with a
known number of bodies in orbit. This should include the orbital
charistics for each body.
I'm trying to improve my star wars map but this is proving a sticking

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