[nbos] [FM8] Correcting squished globe perspective from FWE
"Steve Harvey"
Wed Jan 9th, 2008
Hi, I'm a new FM8 customer and happy with the program overall, although I'm
a little perplexed trying to make good use of the the feature to transfer
data from FWE into FM.

The problem is that I want to make accurate to-scale submaps from the world
map, and FM doesn't seem to have any way to compensate for the distortion of
the equirectangular projection, so that areas near the poles aren't
vertically squished.

Digging a bit into the FWE documentation, I wondered whether I could export
the binary heightfield data from FWE, then import that into software like
3DEM, and hopefully that would let me render a small subsection of the world
map without perspective distortion, which I could then import into FM as a
background bitmap (whew). I'm not sure if this would work or not, but the
FWE documentation doesn't give me enough information to be able to import
successfully into 3DEM to test it out (I've tried a bunch of different
combinations of settings but I keep getting error messages like "incorrect
corner coordinates" and "incorrect zone".)

So I guess I have a two part question:

1) can someone please walk me through a simple import into 3DEM, what
settings to use etc., because this looks like a really cool capability in
any case

2) can anyone recommend any other ways to get an undistorted rendering of
the FWE data (or other equirectangular projection maps) into FM?

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