Re: [nbos] OT: Christmas greetings
"NBOS Support"
Tue Dec 25th, 2007

Thanks much Mark! And a Merry Christmas to you and all the members of the
list as well!

Btw, for those who havent already seen, Mark uploaded a great stocking
stuffer for Fractal Mapper users to nox the other day, in the form of his
Vintyri project symbol collection. 1400 very nice city mapping symbols
complete with a detailed resource pdf!


>It's totally off topic, I know, but I still want to take a couple of bytes
>of bandwidth here to wish Ed Diana and everybody on the list a Merry
>Christmas and the best New Year ever. I'm looking forward to mapping with
>you all in 2008!
>Mark Oliva
>Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)
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