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Terry FitzSimons
Fri Dec 7th, 2007
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Hello there.

>A little off topic I guess, but I have a new GPS that can handle maps in the
>following formats:
>.dxf, .dwg, .eoo, .shp, .gml, .gpx, .mif, .tab, .tfw, GeoTIFF and MrSID.

Sorry, don't know anything about them.

>Does anyone know what the differences are with these and what I should look
>for if I want a topographical map file for, say, Iraq or Afghanistan?

You might try:

But if your after the miltake from operations, last word I had was that was
restricted to the 2's (Intelligence). They started using something similar
to Magellan® MapSend® WorldWide Basemap that
accepted not only the civilian GPS's the soldiers brought, but the GPS
units the military started fielding. Really great for plotting the roads,
and the areas that you shouldn't drive in (quicksand type of thing)

But you might try:
The Digital Mapping, Charting and Geodesy Analysis Program (DMAP)
and see if that meets your need.

>Also, does anyone know of a good site for getting map files for around the

Been to the CIA yet?
CIA Maps & Publications


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