Re: [nbos] GIS Mapping files
"Nathan Gerber"
Fri Dec 7th, 2007
.dxf and .dwg files - Used by CAD programs such as AutoCAD

.shp files - can be read by alot of different types of software I work with
these on a regular basis at work for mapping fields for the agriculture

.gml files - this is starting to see more widespread use and is in a format
very similar to that of the google earth .kml files

.tfw would be a word file for a TIFF image that tells software where each
corner of the image lies on the world. These files can be renamed to jpw to
work with JPEG images in certain pieces of software. Its really just a
companion file.

GeoTIFF is a tiff image that has its .tfw file embedded within it, believe
it is a raster format that can be analyzed to various purposes.

The others I'm not sure about as I haven't personally worked with them. As
far as pulling maps of the world down, I regularly use the Microsoft
TerraServer and NASA JPL onEarth services to pull maps. I don't personally
know of akny desktop software that allows you to pull them down as images
that would be usable, but I make active use of MapServer, which is a server
software (obviously) that allows you to pull ortho images (satellite imagery
typically) or topographic maps.

Nathan Gerber

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