Re: [nbos] [FM] [FWE] Steampunk Airship on and of paper.
"richard leclercq"
Sat Dec 1st, 2007
I have a couple of massive projects in mind.
Like most of them, I will probably get halfway done and forced to stop for
lack of resources, mostly intellectual.

I have been working a lot lately with paper/card models. I would like to
use FM to make building exteriors that can be cut our, folded and made into
buildings for miniatures games. I'd like to expand in this area, as I feel
it is the future of miniatures gamming.
Lead is getting to coastly to ship, paper models can be downloaded, printed,
and used in a short period of time. I still like the look of metal, but my
last mail order cost me more for shipping than for the actual figures.

I would like to make some ubiquitious generic buildings I could use for WWII
through the current era, possibly some ACW and Victorian era as well.
If anyone has worked on this please contact me off-list if you wish.

I am also trying to do a floorplan for a steampunk-genre Airship. I have
the technical data, but my designs are boring-boring-boring.

I have little of no artistic talent, but I am able to make decent maps for
RPGs with FW/FWE. I also used FM to make maps for war games bu
photographing terrain with my digital camera and using these photographs as
icons on my maps.
If anyone has any knowledge of an obscure Sci-Fi publication called the
Nexus Journal, in Issue One there is a map made by yours truely using FWE.
I, the talentless schlub managed to get artwork published because of the
quality of NBOS. (It ain't me, folks, I can barely draw flies on a hot day.

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