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"Mike Oliver"
Wed Nov 14th, 2007

I think your posting brought the thread very much back on-topic.
Although I have FWE, I haven’t made as much use of it as I now believe I
should, seeing what you’re doing with it. Maybe it’s time to re-visit.

I wonder how many of us pensioners are out there scratching away with
our quill pens and thinking we’re unique?


Mike <>

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Just to put my 2 cent's worth in... this lurker has been using FM since
version 6 and is retired on pension. I love FM dearly. I am using it to
map out my AD&D (do I need to add the (c) here?) Campaign world. I have
a decent pension that keeps us fed & sheltered, but I am not what you
could ever call rich unless you count blessings. Anyways, I would like
to add the following observations about FM, and more particularly about

I am fairly pleased with the results that FWE provided, though it did
take quite a few 'generate new map' before I came up with one that I was
most happy with. But if you export ALL elevation layers, it gets rather
awkward. The one other thing it does is export all layers as a fractal
pollygone (even though I have no idea where Polly went to? 8-O LOL) What
I have ended up doing is rather quite labour intensive. However IMHO,
the results are extremely good. I only wish there were some way to
automate the process. I ended up exporting coastlines only, selecting
ALL & making sure that they were 'broken apart.' Then each continental &
Island mass is then 'traced' on a different layer using the closed
spline curve as closely as possible using a fairly transparent 'sandy'
fill. I then zoom in fairly close & begin adding & shifting the nodes to
overlay the exported nodes as closely as possible. On smaller landmasses
such as small islands, I first adjust the exported nodes somewhat as
many of the the really small islands look identical & then set their
'factor' to around 4/5 - then [ctrl] [e] until I get the results most
pleasing. This has the effect of creating a much more 'rugged' coastline
on a smaller scale. I would do that to the larger masses, but the number
of nodes needed would be prohibitive. As I said, it would be nice to
select a fractal polygon element and automatically 'convert' it to a
closed spline curve. It would reduce the workload considerably, however
I have no idea if such a thing were even possible. In the meantime, I
will keep on chugging away with my little project - content with the
results that I consider more than acceptably fine.

Anyways, carry on. I shall go back to my lurking duties - still
tabletless, and indtend to be that way for quite some time.

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