Re: [nbos] Tablets
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Nov 14th, 2007
That's nice of you, Jim. I think I'll buy locally if I buy at all.

The user base of NBOS products must be older than I imagined - or are we
pensioners the only ones with enough time :-) Have you heard the saying:
"Those with the money don't have the time and those with the time don't
have the money"? That about sums it up. But my NBOS investments have
paid for themselves already - I've had a commercial reward for an
Astrosynthesis sector I did a few months back.

I'm not even sure the makers of my tablet are still in business but I
will check out the point about updating the drivers. I managed to
disable my Logitech webcam by installing the latest drivers and had to
re-install the old ones to get it working again. Computers - who'd



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Mike, I understand. I would of offered to help with the transship, but
live on a pension as well. Which speaks well about the Nbos Software,
as we
both have to be very careful with our money. I wish you luck with your
present tablet and pen. Do you have the latest drivers for them or if
are IR/RF - the latest driver for that process? Both those might help,
later drivers sometime include improved functionality. Be careful as
drivers can also cause problems, as well. Latest Intel Drivers for my
Controller being one, had to revert to the one before.

See ya'all later,


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