[nbos] [FM8] Bitmap Symbol Bug, Was: Looking for more mapping symbols...
"Mark Oliva"
Tue Nov 13th, 2007
> From: "Christopher Rodrigues Macias" <cjrm-at-grapevine.net.au>

I just tested the bitmap layer issue you mentioned. To my surprise, it happens as you describe. I think you've identified a bug.

Geez, you'd think one of the regulars on this list (like me) would have picked up that one before now. Weird.

Actually, this bug was reported shortly after FM8 was released and it was discussed here too. But it hasn't been fixed yet. It wasn't among the things corrected in the patch. So ... if you want your symbols on the right layer, you need to place them on the General layer first (you have no other choice, really) and then move them to the right layer.

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