Re: [nbos] [FM] Symbols: sorting and scaling them
Del Rio
Thu Nov 1st, 2007
On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 04:20:26PM -0400, NBOS Support wrote:
> > 1. If you have overlapping symbols that have been incorrectly
> > placed so that the "upper" (more northern?) symbols overlap the
> > "lower" (more southern?) ones, rather than vice-versa, is there
> > a way to auto-sort them, so they neatly overlap south-to-north?
> No, there's no way to do this as-is. The program wouldnt know if its
> supposed to reorder symbols, or if you meant to put the symbols in that
> particular order for some reason.

Well, then as a future enhancement suggestion, I would find it
easier to use an autosort function on the forest, and then
manually move the castle back to the fore, than to manually
re-sort the whole forest tree by tree. (I liked Keith's
suggestion of being able to set the "gravity point" of the
sorting, although in practice I can't recall a time that I have
wanted anything fancier than north-to-south.)

> > 2. Is there a way to apply a fixed scaling to symbols, so that
> > they don't become different sizes if you apply them to the map
> > while at slightly different zoom levels?
> Alternatively, both vector symbols can have a scale assigned to them as
> part of the symbol itself. For vector symbols, just open the symbol file
> and set it's size in feet/meters/etc. It will be placed at that scale
> whenever you use it. For .png symbols, there'e a small corresponding .xml

Errrr--that sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, and I
feel really stupid asking this--but what do you mean by open
the symbol file? So for example the file I'm interested in
is: Mapper8\MapArt\Standard Fantasy Symbols\Buildings\Cottage1.fmp

> file in the directory where the .png sits where you can specify the size,
> in feet per pixels. Obviously, in both cases, doing so only makes sense
> when the symbol is supposed to be shown at an exact fixed size. All of
> the .png symbols that ship with FM8 are already set to 50 pixels/foot.

Yu know, I didn't see any .png files, except the ones that CC3
installed when it found FM8 on my drive? All my FM8 map art
seems to be fmp files?


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