Re: [nbos] [FM] Symbols: sorting and scaling them
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Wed Oct 31st, 2007
> 1. If you have overlapping symbols that have been incorrectly
> placed so that the "upper" (more northern?) symbols overlap the
> "lower" (more southern?) ones, rather than vice-versa, is there
> a way to auto-sort them, so they neatly overlap south-to-north?

No, there's no way to do this as-is. The program wouldnt know if its
supposed to reorder symbols, or if you meant to put the symbols in that
particular order for some reason.

> 2. Is there a way to apply a fixed scaling to symbols, so that
> they don't become different sizes if you apply them to the map
> while at slightly different zoom levels?

Yes, just size them with the pointer tool after you've placed them on the
map. The next time you place a symbol of that type on the map, it'll
appear at the same size.

Alternatively, both vector symbols can have a scale assigned to them as
part of the symbol itself. For vector symbols, just open the symbol file
and set it's size in feet/meters/etc. It will be placed at that scale
whenever you use it. For .png symbols, there'e a small corresponding .xml
file in the directory where the .png sits where you can specify the size,
in feet per pixels. Obviously, in both cases, doing so only makes sense
when the symbol is supposed to be shown at an exact fixed size. All of
the .png symbols that ship with FM8 are already set to 50 pixels/foot.

If you are using png symbols and they arent scaling now, make sure you
have the map set to feet or meters. If you leave the unit blank, the
program wont know how to convert scales.

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