Re: [nbos] [FM] Translation volunteer(s) sought
"James Miller"
Tue Oct 24th, 2006
Would it be possible to set up a Google hack for their translation
software to do this? This would not only be perfect for this project, but
for future projects as well. Then, just post the translated files for
others to check over, instead of having to do the whole thing by hand.

Just an idea. I don't know anything about programming, so I dont know if
it's possible or not. (You guys know that end of it...)


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Subject: [nbos] [FM] Translation volunteer(s) sought

> Howdy all,
> One of my goals for FM8 is to allow the program's user interface to be
> displayed in langauges other than English.
> To this end I'm hoping there may be one or two people on the list who'd be
> willing to assist in this project. What I'm looking for is someone to
> translate a text file of terms and messages used by the program into a
> language other than English. There'd be about 300-400 words/phrases,
> though a lot of that would be duplicated. Right now this isnt intended to
> be a final translation included in the product, so it doesnt have to be
> 100% complete (or even accurate). Rather, this is to create a prototype
> of a 'dictionary' to assist me in testing the translation system out, and
> to help me check that there's plenty of space alotted for text on the
> various windows.
> If you think you'd have the time and would be interested in helping out
> please drop me an email at
> Thanks!
> Ed
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