[nbos] [AS] Automation and Fractal Terrains Pro?
Dan Rubenfield
Wed Oct 24th, 2007
So I picked up Astrosynthesis and Fractal Terrains Pro on the understanding I could use them together.

So far, it's sort of a pain...

Within Astro, clicking create surface map does nothing except pause for a few seconds. (This is with FT Pro set in preferences).

Unsetting the preferences and I get a planetary surface. I assume since it uses FWE.

Either way, with FT Pro enabled, I can click edit surface. This pulls up FT Pro in a greyscale mode. I can dork around, and save a named file.

However, it seems like I've got to manually export, name and save all of the files, then manually assign the surface map to the planet ( I have not tried this part yet).

Is this the case?

If so, is there any way to do a MASSIVE automation? To the point of -

1. Generate starsystem and planets using AS
2. Generate all gas giant surfaces
3. Generate all planetary surfaces in FT Pro, hook up surface maps, and export every planetary surface as a multiple file set of images. (this is ft pro specific, but I'll add it in here).
4. Export system data for every system. Ideally this would be with spherical planets using the above surface maps. I'd love to see if I could get non-planetary bodies rendering as well.
5. Export sector as multiple images

I assume the above is not possible out of the box, but any advice on how to accomplish this would be most helpful. Additional software packages or anything else is also good.

I figure worst case I can use a mixture of macro/batch/automation utilities. These, plus some file parsers to handle raw file outputs and It's not too bad, but it still feels clunky.

Oh yeah - I'm aware that the above is a huge amount of exporting and raw data. That's deliberate.


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