[nbos] [FM] Import/export of binary data
"Uhlersoth 872325412"
Fri Oct 19th, 2007
I'm trying to import binary data into Fractal Terrains Pro that I exported
from Fractal World Explorer. The world that I exported from Fractal World
Explorer was a 360x180 (Globe) world, randomly generated, exported using
16-bit integers.

To import this world into Fractal Terrains Pro, I need to know the following
information about the binary data. Does anyone know how to determine this
information on a binary file exported from Fractal World Explorer?


Per-Sample Info holds the settings that control each data point. The drop
list shows the type of each data sample. These types include 1-byte integer,
2-byte integer, 4-byte integer, and 4-byte floating-point.

LSB First is a check box that controls byte-ordering. If it is checked, data
is assumed to be in the Intel-format byte ordering (least significant byte
at lowest address); if unchecked, data is assumed to be in the Motorola
ordering (most significant byte at highest address). No other byte orderings
are supported.

Signed indicates if the data set should be considered as two-complement
integers. Sign-magnitude format, such as used in the DTED data format, is
not supported.

Line Width shows the number of data samples across each line.

Header Length is the length of any header on the file. Some file formats
have a descriptive header at the beginning of the file. FT cannot process
the header, but can skip over it to the data.

Wrap Horizontally will tell FT that the leftmost and rightmost columns in
the data file are contiguous.

File Data sets the section of the input file to use.

X Start and Y Start are the offsets from the top-left corner of the file to
start reading.

Width and Height are the size of the data to read (in data samples). Take
care not to exceed the physical dimensions of the file because exceeding the
physical file dimensions may cause FT to access out-of-bounds memory and
cause protection faults (program crashes).

Map Edges sets the edges of the data file.

Top is the largest latitude of the data window into the file.

Left is the smallest longitude of the data window into the file.

Right is the largest longitude of the data window into the file.

Bottom is the smallest latitude of the data window into the file.

Missing Data indicates what to do when confronted by missing data (some
files have data that was not correctly sampled).

The No Data field indicates which values are missing.

If Replace is checked then the replacement operation will be performed.

New Value is the value that will be used to replace the No Data value.

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