[nbos] [AS] Astro project, anyone?
"NBOS Support"
Fri Oct 12th, 2007
Here's something I always wanted to do. I figured I'd toss the idea out
in case it strikes someone's interest.

http://exoplanets.org/ has a list of all the currently known/suspected
exoplanets. They make the data available in html and csv. The data has
the star, the planet, its orbital distance, mass, and orbital parameters.
Anyone want to try to import that into Astro?

The main gotcha I see is that they dont list info for the stars themselves
in that file - they have that information in a seperate csv file. So the
two would need to be merged or at least referenced. And star coord's
would also need to be converted to x/y/z coords.

I think such a map would be very cool, and be a great base for near future
sci-fi campaigns. It'd probably have some real scientific value too.


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