Re: [nbos] Fractal Mapper 8
Fri Oct 12th, 2007
OK, Trying again. From the Help File on the Edit Menu.
Move Forward:
Moves selected objects forward one spot in the top-bottom order.

Move Back:
Moves selected objects back one spot in the top-bottom order.

Bring to Front:
Brings the currently selected map object to the 'top' of the list of objects
on the map. The topmost object displays above all other objects on the map.

Send to Back:
Places the currently selected map object at the 'bottom' of the list of

What I wish to know: Is there a way to get an additional method to use the
list of objects, like moving it by a defined number (like 5/10/25/50/100) or
variable number "Front and/or Back." As it is now the only choice appears
to be move by one step each way or go to top or bottom in the list of
objects on the map.

Each step seems to cause the program to want to re-render/display which it
can take 8-12 minutes to step an object 30 steps in a direction, one at a
time. I have a Core2Duo at 1.86 GHz and 2 gigs of RAM, so I don't think its
just a slow computer.

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Ok, I'm not sure I parsed that. Are you talking layers or objects?
What incrementation are you refering to? Scale? Location? Layring?
Position in the internal layer vertical placement?


On 10/12/07, Jamming <> wrote:
> Has someone made a Fractal Mapper 8 Plug-in that allows the user to
> specify
> where in the top-bottom order, to place a specific item by a variable or
> move a larger increment than one at a time? Is there something that
> prevents this in the implementation or is it because no one has tried it
> yet?
> Jim

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