Re: [nbos] Questions: How will....
~~Richard K~~
Thu Oct 11th, 2007

Like you, I'm not a D & D player; in fact I'm not a fantasy player of any kind. And this certainly didn't give me any encouragement to reconsider.



Heh, I'm still 2nd Edition when I play. (the old edition from the 80's)

Subscriptions are ok if the present a decent amount of material each month, its also apparently the best money making gimmick out now.

I'd like to see Ed do something like this, a 3D table, and make it so the Player miniature is a 3D standup 2 sided (front/back) So it can be easily altered/used for Scifi or Fantasy, simple add-in blocks/template textures for adding in chests/consols... perhaps several shape options to drop in and assign a texture (sphere/cube/cylinder...) Use the current DirectX (kewl if you could use shader 3 technology)

It could be Screenmonkey 3D!

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