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"Mike Oliver"
Thu Oct 11th, 2007
AS2 will, indeed, locate stars from names given in the Notes section of
the sector database as long as you tick the appropriate selection box on
the Search dialog.

In another posting, Sam wrote: "I have no idea whether NBOS has any
plans to write a sector file to cover things beyond 20ly local space."

Terry Kepner has produced sector .csv files for 100, 500 and 1000 light
years out from Sol and I think these can be downloaded from NOX. I have
used all of these in various projects.


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Jamming <> wrote:

cross-reference the names from the different star catalogues. I mean it
would be useful to have this ability, particularily in the import

As a P.S. to my earlier post, I'm fairly certain that I can name an
object "HD 98230" and if I also list in the notes "HD 98231, Xi Ursae
Majoris, Xi UMa, Ksi UMa, 53 UMa, Gliese 423, Alula Australis, HR 4374,
HR 4375, BD+32 2132, LHS 2390, LHS 2391, LTT 13045, GCTP 2625.00, SAO
62484, LFT 790, ADS 8119, CCDM 11182+3132, HIP 55203", then I'm fairly
certain AS will call that star in the search engine by *any* of its
catalog numbers.

But the above illustrates the problem. All those are actually existing
names/catalog numbers for that one object in an AS sector file. I'm
fairly certain that those are NOT all the names/numbers for that system,
although I think I got most of em. Yeah, I'd love for em to go through
and do that to all 77,000+ objects in the Kepner 1000ly radius star
data. But when they do, I expect em to charge a pretty penny for it too.
They'll have earned it.


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