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Thu Oct 11th, 2007
At 03:57 AM 10/10/2007, you wrote:
>How will D&D 4th edition electronic product affect Screen Monkey and other

As others have stated, the software tends to be system independent. So 4th
edition isnt going to affect anything directly.

>Do you have plans for any new products that you can share?

There are several plans, but I dont want to give out details quite yet
until I see how my schedule plays out this fall - depending on how that
goes some projects may never see fruition, or for that matter there may be
additional ones. Generally ideas and prototypes get pitched here first :-)

>I have been following the developments in AS 2.1, the AS 2.01b program
>helped my GURPS:Space Campaign (based upon the nearest star systems that may
>have planets). What I would like to know is are there plans to make it even
>more stable with Vista?

There's no actual '2.1' in development. I think we were just using it as a
nickname for 'whatever the next update is'. There -may- be a 2.x update
at some point, but I dont want to promise one. It'll depend on how many
Vista problems there are, etc.


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