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~~Richard K~~
Thu Oct 11th, 2007
I think the best approach to renaming is taking the original data (not AS)
and using a searchable notepad, rename the stars before entering the
database into AS. That is if anyone is currently undertaking this endeavor.
Another possibility is have 10+ people undertake a percentage of the
original data, still is a lot of work.

I know about "work for free", lol, I get approached by many to help out
doing 3D artwork for their projects, I've had to slap myself.
I only do 3D modeling/rendering now for trade or cash, trade is good, if one
is doing a non-profit project I'll trade artwork for something I need in
return. I've also just did some 3D models for David Schleifer's sixth novel
and his new graphic novellet just for Credits and signed copies of his books
(for my own collection and hobby resume).

~~Richard K~~

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> As the person who did the larger star sectors i can say it is not 'easy'
> even with a database of the data.. it takes a lot of time and effort to
> do.. Now Could I have done it with all the common names? Most likely.. but
> that would have taken a bit of time and I was not spending that much time
> on something for free.. I know that sounds bad but sorry I can't afford to
> spend a load of time on something like that and not get paid for it..
> Would I do it if i got paid for it? Most likely but it is still a load of
> work, there are some things I'd love to get around to fixing with the
> 1000+ stuff such as twin stars etc.. but all of that is presently off the
> books.
> Maybe some day i'll get all the common names in but not in a hurry.
> -Robert Graham.
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