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"Mike Oliver"
Wed Oct 10th, 2007
I'd like to chip in on this one before it disappears. As a Brit, I'd
like to compliment you guys on your attitude to military service and
your belief in your country. The States has had a bad press in many
areas of the media and our own involvement in some military theatres has
been criticized. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the politics, I
believe our servicemen deserve our total support and you and they have
my whole-hearted admiration.

I know that has nothing to do with AS or FM but hopefully I'll be


Mike <>

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Well Captain, my apologies if I spoke down to your position! I
understand just how much time you have had to dedicate to your counttry
to get to where you are now, so on behalf of myself and my family:
Thank you for your continuing service. Me? I chickened out after 8.5
years, lol. The baby blue eyes of my 3 year old boy and 2 year old girl
was too much for me to leave on yet ANTOHER deployment.

As for Makay, yeah, he pretty much rocked the Prototype. (Thats where we
crossed paths) Great ELT and great all around guy. Myself, Makay and a
few others used to make the Swings to Mids transition by pulling
allnighters invading the countryside of our favorite MMO. Nothing more
scary than a group of bored Nukes :)

Well I suppose I should end the OffTopicNess of this particular thread.
Good to 'meet' ya!

On 10/4/07, Charles Sykora <> wrote:
I am the Commander Submarine Forces Representative. The Commanding
Officers work for me. But, yes, I am in a 'shipyard capacity' in that
I'm not assigned to a single ship.

I know MMC Makay. In fact, I was just down watching engineering drills
yesterday and complementing his Engineering Laboratory Technicians.

God bless you for your service.

CAPT Sykora

On Oct 4, 2007, at 6:46 AM, David Loman wrote:

Whoa.... /OffTopic here, but are you stationed on the Sante Fe? I ask
because i just finished up my 8.5 years as a Nuke EM and one of my best
friends (Mike Makay, ELT, MM1...maybe even MMC now) is on the Sante Fe!
Or are you in a shipyard capacity?

-Dave Loman

On 10/4/07, Charles Sykora <> wrote:
If the list will tolerate our sidebar for just a moment (and if not, in
case you lost my e-mail it's charlesdsykora(at)mac(dot)com
Well, Santa Fe is starting the 'end game', that is approaching her
nuclear engineering examination, so I'm getting really busy helping her
train. She should go on sea trials in December, and then MEMPHIS won't
be far behind.

I follow you exploits on cc2 and nbos. If you are anywhere else, I
don't know about that. (sometimes I check in on Celestia).
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